Links from Education Partners

At Education Partners, we take pride in the outstanding level of experience and professionalism of our partners. Working together, we complement each other by bringing a comprehensive set of services in these ways:


We hold our Technology Partners in highest regard.

FlexManage is a valued and long time project partner, providing consulting, cloud and management services.


We find best solutions for speed and accuracy.

EP introduces clients to the best solution for creating quick and accurate Tables of Authorities from Levit & James Best Authority. We assist in scheduling web demos, creating budget estimates, as well as delivering training for client rollouts.


We understand learning environments.

EP understands client learning environments and believes in the strength of Profisciencē products. Education Partners collaborates with Firms as they design and create content for new LMS implementations. With law firm skill assessment initiatives, Education Partners works closely with the firm’s training team to design and deliver targeted skill improvement training modules.


Learning Management brings order to law firm education and streamlines staff access to learning options. Contact EP to schedule a web demo or gather budget information.


With a wealth of knowledge to share, FlexManage provides flexible and scalable IT Services to help clients harness the power of technology to become agents of change that drive modern busines transformation.


Levit & James, Inc.

  • Best Authority – fast and easy creation of Tables of Authorities


Profisciencē Partners

  • Skill Assessment and Performance Improvement Consulting Services
  • UniversitySite – Learning Management software solution
  • SupportSite – Help Desk Management software solution
  • SkillSite – Skill Assessment software solution